Tuesday, June 30, 2009

When God leads you to the edge of the cliff, TRUST HIM!

1 of 2 things will happen.


He'll catch you when you fall or He'll teach you how to fly.

Hurray!!!!!!! વરસાદ આઇવો.

Finally its raining. And I am loving it.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

God asked, "What is Forgiveness?" A little boy gave this lovely reply, "It's the wonderful smell that flower gives when its being crushed"

Saturday, June 27, 2009

લુચ્ચો વરસાદ

સાલો આજે પણ વરસાદ નો આયવો .
કાલે અમદાવાદ નથી જતો. આજે જે friends ગયા હતા એમના તરફ થી બહુ સારો review નથી મળ્યો. અને આમ પણ હજારો લોકો ના interview એક સાથે લે એમાં ક્યા ઠેકાણું હોય.

Finally Made my resume !!!

Today I made my first resume. Though it isn't that eye-catching, I made it... બનાવી રાખવામાં આપણુ શું જાય છે ??? And I made it as most probably I'll go tomorrow to Ahmedabad for the job-fair. It is immaterial whether I get any job or not, but I'll go to take the interview experience... Let's see what happens.
આજે વરસાદ આવશે એવું લાગે છે. આવે તો સારું.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Michael Jackson dies.

The king of POP, Michael Jackson dies at the age of 50. I was shocked when I heard the news. I don't know why I was shocked, because neither I am his fan, nor I have listened to any of his albums. To be frank, English songs માં મને સમજ ઓછી પડે છે. It is believed, that he died of a cardiac arrest. May his soul rest in peace.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Sardar- Dr. Sahab Plastic surgery karvane me kitna kharcha aayega?

Dr - 5 lakh

Sardar:Agar 'Plastic' hum de to?

મને ભૂખ લાગી છે. મમ્મી જમવા બોલાવે છે. એટલે જમવા જવું પડશે.

Happy Birthday Hanumaanji

Sardar went to a temple on Hanumaan Jayanti. Pujaari gave him Aarti...

Guess, what sardar did ???

Sardar blew off the Diyaa and said - "Happy Birthday Hanumaanji"...

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

It didn't rain even today. :-(
આજે દુનિયા માં કેટલું ઝેર છે, જાને લોકો ને મારા થી શું વેર છે ? મારી કબર ઉપર લીલું ઘાસ જોઇને લોકો કેહ્શે, આને તો માર્યા પછી પણ લીલા લેહેર છે...

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Santa samundar me dahi daal raha tha

Banta-kya kar rahe ho?

Santa-Lassi bana raha hu

Banta-isi liye log hum par joke banate hai.
Itni Lassi tera Baap Piyega?

Feel sleepy in AC room.

Right now I am sitting in the physiotherapy room. Its really cool here
and so I am feeling sleepy.
At this time, I should be giving my exams.... Not only me, but all the students of final year and 2nd year of VNSGU should be giving exams. But see, here I am typing this out... Because we boycotted the exams.
આવ રે વરસાદ, ઢેબરીયો વરસાદ, ઉની ઉની રોટલી ને કારેલા નું શાક. પણ મને તો કારેલા નું શાક નથી ભાવતું, પણ તોઈ આપડે આ પંક્તિ ગાવાં માં ક્યા વાંધો છે ?

Monday, June 22, 2009

Monsoon finally arrived.

Reached home. The rains have finally arrived with a few droplets.
Enough to wet my face while I was on the bike. Though its raining
slowly, I am enjoying it.
Eating ice-cream At Dairy Rich Ice-cream near Shaktinath Circle with
Abdul and Rahul. It's heavily clouded. About to rain. I should reach
home before it rains. Tomorrow its exam and we are enjoying and eating
ice-cream. :-) Because we know we aren't going to give exams. The
payment for ice-cream was given by Abdul.

Browsers I use.

I love Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. Though Chrome is a new
entrant in the browser world, I like its simplicity and speed. Also it
was the first one to include the Incognito Mode. And as such, I am a
big fan of Google products, be it Gmail, Orkut, Blogger, Reader,
Picasa or GTalk. I am hoping that in near future I'll be using an OS
from Google.

Regarding Firefox, I like its stability, security and the various
add-ons and themes through which I can customize it the way I want my
browser. Also its the most secure browser according to many surveys.

I have used Opera too and as such, I have no complains about it, but
still it comes after Firefox and Chrome. But I love Opera's browser for mobile phones i.e., Opera Mini, which I currenty use a lot for surfing from my mobile.

I haven't used Apple's Safari and no eagerness to use it too, at present.

And finally, Microsoft's Internet Explorer comes at last. Though I use
it and most websites are created using IE in mind, I am not much a fan
of this browser. Sorry Bill Gates.

Students boycott exam

Today's exam for 3rd year which was at 10:30 am has been boycotted by
the students. No students were present in their classes. All stood
outside the college. 1st years exam, for those students who are still
affiliated to VNSGU, is at 2:30 pm. They too are going to boycott the
exams. And tomorrow 2nd year and final year people too, will join by
not giving the exams.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Height of dreaming!

Bill gates came to me and asked...

Boss, Tere pass Windows xp ki CD hogi kya..??

The above joke was send by a friend on my mobile.

The meeting is over. There were no faculty members. Press arrived 15
minutes later and then students shouted "VC haai haai ! " Still all
students are requested to come to college tomorrow and day after
tomorrow and verify for themselves. This time students are well
prepared for fighting with the university. The VC says in Gujaratmitra
everyday that students have to give exam and there's no change in the
schedule. But students aren't going to give the exams. That's unity.
The new date will be declared after the hearing in Gujarat High Court
on 29th.

At college.

At the college. Many students have gathered. Still the meeting hasn't
started. Let's wait and watch.

To the monkeys in my dreams.

કેવા ઝાલીમ છો કે મુજને દિવસભર સતાવો છો, કેવા સારા છો કે રાતે સપના માં આવો છો.

ha ha ha . thank God the monkeys came only in my dream 2 days back.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Bas ek sanam chaahiye aashiqui k liye.

Listening to the song from the movie Aashiqui "Saanson ki zarurat he
jaise zindagi k liye,
Bas ek sanam chaahiye aashiqui k liye..."

Meeting in college tomorrow.

There's a meeting in college tomorrow with all the students,some
faculty members and the director. Press members are also called
tomorrow at 10:30am to decide about the exam related optional stay and
all other topics. Hope to clear the confusions of students. Let's see
what happens.

Signs of rain

Atmosphere has changed. It's getting cloudy. The peacocks are
shouting/crowing at the top of their voice, here in township. The
wind is blowing fast. The branches of trees are making noise when they
come in contact with each other. Rains may arrive in 2-3 days. And
I'll enjoy it.
I need to refrain myself from reading newspapers, magazines and other
books which are not related to my engineering, until my exams are
over. I have too much affinity for reading extra books, magazines and
newspapers, but at present I need to concentrate more on my course
books. It's difficult, but I need to try my best to avoid other
reading material.

Optional stay on exam.

The court gave an Optional stay on exam. So students who are willing
to give exams starting from Monday (1st & 3rd year) and Tuesday (2nd &
4th year) may appear for the exams. And the students who boycott the
exams, their dates will be announced after the stay which is till 29th
of this month. Let's see what happens on Monday, as most students
aren't able to take decision. Students union leaders will be present
on Monday and won't allow students to give exam. Let's see what
કંટાળો આવે છે. છે કોઈ ઉપાય ????

Nothing to write

Want to write something in blog, but nothing to write about. It seems, sometimes my mind is thoughtless.... :)
Talk-time in my mobile is Rs. 0.50. Great ! And still I am blogging
from my mobile.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Brilliant Quote behind a bus written by the driver : 
अगर खुदा ने चाहा तो मंजिल तक पहुचा दूंगा,
अगर चुकी नज़र तो, माँ कसम, खुदा से ही मिला दूंगा.
Talk Time in my Vodafone prepaid card is 50 paise. Are there any generous souls who can recharge my prepaid card ?? क्यूंकि मेरे पास तो पैसे ही नहीं हे. ha ha ha ha :)

Exams postponed.

Finally it's confirmed that exams are postponed. But the exact date of our exam will be published tomorrow.
જમ્યા પછી મને સારી ઊંઘ આવે છે. So I am going to sleep.
મને ભૂખ લાગી છે. સવારે ખાલી ચા જ પીધી તી. તો હવે પાઉં-ભાજી ખાઉં છું . કોઈ ને મારી જેમ ભૂખ લાગી હોઈ અને પાઉં-ભાજી ખાવી હોઈ તો મારા ઘરે પધારે.

बहुतसे बन्दर मेरे सपने के अन्दर

Today morning, while I was sleeping, must be between 5:00-6:00am. I had a dream in which many monkeys were harassing me and I was running here and there to be away from them. There were many monkeys and I was constantly running. And while I was surrounded by 2-3 monkeys and scared, मेरा सपना ख़तम हो गया. So I was happy, it wasn't for real... :)

Thursday, June 18, 2009

किसे आवाज़ दूं Remix by me

When during exams, I don't know anything about the questions asked, I would like to sing the remix song made by me, based on the Jugaad movies song किसे आवाज़ दूं.

अपनी supplementary में कोई answer लिखा नहीं ,
अपनी supplementary में कोई answer लिखा नहीं ,
कुछ आता भी नहीं , कुछ पढा भी नहीं , 
किसे आवाज़ दूं, किसे आवाज़ दूं . . . . 

Bye the way, there's no one to whom I can ask...... :)

Rain Rain When Will You Rain ?

This year, monsoon hasn't arrived yet in Gujarat. And I am eagerly
waiting for it because I love rainy reason.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Cool Quote

"This is a funny world where people make lemon juices with artificial
flavours and dishwash liquids with real lemon."

A friend messaged me the above quote.

My facebook profile url


બીજું શું ? :: ખલીલ ધનતેજવી

ક્યાંક મળો તો રોકી લેજો, બીજું શું ?
તબિયત બબિયત પૂછી લેજો બીજું શું ?

આપ અમારી જોડે રહેજો – ના ફાવે તો,
વળતી ગાડી પકડી લેજો બીજું શું ?

માફ કરો, અંગૂઠો મારો નહિં આપું,
મારું માથુ કાપી લેજો બીજું શું ?

વાંકુસીધું આંગણ જોવા ના રહેશો,
તક મળે તો નાચી લેજો બીજું શું ?

પરસેવાની સોડમ વચ્ચે પત્ર લખું છું,
અત્તર છાંટી વાંચી લેજો બીજું શું ?

લડી લડીને તૂટ્યા ત્યારે વકીલ કહે છે,
તમે પરસ્પર સમજી લેજો બીજું શું ?

આજે અમને દાદ ન આપો કાંઇ નહિ,
આજે અમને સાંખી લેજો બીજું શું ?

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Jeene Mera Dil Lutiya, Jeene Mera Maar Sutiya

Listening this Punjabi song " Jeene Mera Dil Lutiya, Jeene Mera Maar
Sutiya ". I like it, but don't understand a single word of it. Anyways

Live life king size.

Just i had published my previous post and I received the below msg on
my mobile from a friend. So i thought to publish the msg too. Here's
the msg -

"First i was dying to finish my high school and start college,then was
dying to finish college and start working,
Then dying to marry and have children,
then i was dying for my children to grow old enough to stand on their own feet,
then i was dying to retire.
now i'm dying.
And suddenly i realized,
"i forgot to live"
Please don't let this happen to you.
Appreciate your current Situation and enjoy each day
C'mon yar,
Jiyo life king size! "

Simultaneously I remember a poem which I studied while in school. The
line which I remember is -

"What is this life, if full of care. We have no time to stand and stare."

Whatever happens, happens 4 good.

A little while ago I was in GNFC Hospital for Pappa's physiotherapy.
One of my father's friend came to meet him. Then the uncle told about
a boy he met today. The boy was feeling depressed as 2 cysts were
found on his kidneys during his medical check-up, which he had to
undergo prior to join his job. Uncle told him to be positive as he was
lucky that at least the thing was brought early to his notice. Though
he failed in the medical check-up, he was lucky that now he would get
treatment in a timely manner. So uncle told him to be positive and
take life easy. Troubles are always there in life. It depends on us
that how we tackle them. Even though the boy lost his job, he has
gained his life. That's positivity. Jo hotaa he, achhe k liye hotaa

Patients more or hospitals less?

I always get suprised by seeing the number of patients at hospitals. I
have seen many large hospitals of India like Apollo, Jaslok hospital,
Breachcandy hospital, Sterling hospital at Ahmedabad and Bhailal Amin
Hospital at Baroda and the common thing I have found at these large
hospitals is that the rush of patients at all these hospitals is the
same. If this is the case at these private and costly hospitals, then
what would be at a government hospital ?

What suprises me is that has the no. of patients increased or the no.
of hospitals are less ?

Make God & books your best friends.

I have always believed that making God and books your best friends
always helps. Because whenever I feel alone I start reading anything
on which I can lay my hands on. And when I need help I can always rely
on God rather than relying on someone and get disappointed later on. I
don't say that there is nothing like true friendship between humans or
that I don't need friends. But one thing is sure, God and books would
never leave you, friends may !

Students v/s university.

Still no news of exam. Students boycotted the exams yesterday too. And
are eager to get the decision from the court. Till then, no exams.
Students want their pending result, their pending marksheets and no
exams before all results are declared.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Feeling sleepy.

After dinner, I am feeling sleepy. I always wonder why I feel sleepy
during exam preparation when it's time to reduce sleep and study more.
Does this happen to all the students?

હસતો રહ્યો

જીત પર હસતો રહ્યો ને હાર પર હસતો રહ્યો,
ફૂલની શૈયા ગણી અંગાર પર હસતો રહ્યો.

ઓ મુસીબત ! એટલી ઝિંદાદિલીને દાદ દે :
તેં ધરી તલવાર, તો હું ધાર પર હસતો રહ્યો !

કોઈના ઈકરાર ને ઈન્કાર પર હસતો રહ્યો,
જે મળ્યો આધાર એ આધાર પર હસતો રહ્યો.

કોઈની મહેફિલ મહીં, થોડા ખુશામદખોરમાં
ના સ્વીકાર્યું સ્થાન, ને પગથાર પર હસતો રહ્યો.

ફૂલ આપ્યાં ને મળ્યા પથ્થર કદી, તેનેય પણ
પ્રેમથી પારસ ગણી દાતાર પર હસતો રહ્યો.

જીવતો દાટી કબરમાં એ પછી રડતાં રહ્યાં;
હું કબરમાં પણ, કરેલા પ્યાર પર હસતો રહ્યો.

નાવ જે મઝધાર પર છોડી મને ચાલી ગઈ-
એ કિનારે જઈ ડૂબી, હું ધાર પર હસતો રહ્યો.

ભોમિયાને પારકો આધાર લેતો જોઈને,
દૂર જઈ એ પાંગળી વણઝાર પર હસતો રહ્યો.

- જમિયત પંડ્યા

વાંચતા વેંત જ પાનો ચડી આવે એવી આ ખુમારીથી નિતરતી આ ગઝલના પહેલા બે શેર વારંવાર મુક્તક તરીકે ટંકાતા જોવા મળે છે.

Source : www.layastaro.com

ચમન તુજને સુમન મારી જ માફક છેતરી જાશે

ચમન તુજને સુમન મારી જ માફક છેતરી જાશે,
પ્રથમ એ પ્યાર કરશે ને પછી ઝખ્મો ધરી જાશે.

અનુભવ ખુબ દુનિયાના લઈને હુ ઘડાયો'તો,
ખબર નહોતી તમારી આંખ મુજને છેતરી જાશે.

ભરેલો જામ મેં ઢોળી દીધો'તો એવા આશયથી,
હશે જો લાગણી એના દિલે પાછો ભરી જાશે.

ફના થાવાને આવ્યો'તો પરંતુ એ ખબર નહોતી,
કે મુજને બાળવા પહેલા સ્વયં દીપક ઠરી જાશે.

મરણને બાદ પણ 'કૈલાસ'ને બસ રાખજો એમ જ,
કફન ઓઢાડવાથી લાશની શોભા મરી જાશે.

- કૈલાસ પંડિત

Feeling bored.

All day at home during the preparation leave leaves me bored during
the evening. Though I don't study the whole day, but still boredom
creeps in.
The weather is cloudy but still no signs of rain.

Still no news about exam!

Today's Gujaratmitra says that exams are not going to postpone. But
the students are bent on postponing them. Today's practical exams in
all colleges have been cancelled by the student groups. Let's see what
happens. 2nd hearing in the court is on 19th.

Twitter updates till now...

Got a new 2GB Sandisk memory card 4 my Nokia 6300.
about 22 hours ago from TinyTwitter

Got up at 8:00am today.
about 23 hours ago from TinyTwitter

Again going 2 sleep 4 a few more hours, till tomorrow morning.
10:01 PM Jun 13th from TinyTwitter

Just got up after a sleep of 18 hours. Slept last night at around 11:45pm and woke up at around 5:45pm.
6:00 PM Jun 13th from TinyTwitter

At Hotel Rang Inn 4 dinner as today's Abhijit & Yashdeep's birthday.
9:18 PM Jun 12th from TinyTwitter

Prem ni ramat jitva dil haryo 6u,Ek bund jal mate dariyo haryo 6u,jena mate badhu j harva taiyar hato,Badhu jeeti gayo ne faqt enej haryo 6u
7:55 PM Jun 12th from TinyTwitter

The thing that shocked me is that the child's mother started hurling abuses towards us, though it wasn't our fault at all !
6:22 PM Jun 12th from TinyTwitter

I feel sorry 4 the child but it was his fault 2 run on the road. He was lucky that I took bike sideways, otherwise he'd be under the wheel.
6:18 PM Jun 12th from TinyTwitter

On my way 2 Abdul's room with him,while passing through Bholav village,I banged the side mirror of my TVS victor with a child.
6:15 PM Jun 12th from TinyTwitter

Finally practical Exam completed. Today's exam was comparatively fine.
2:47 PM Jun 12th from TinyTwitter

Today studying at home,with Rahul & Abdul. Tomorrow's Distributed System's practical exam is a tough one.
12:54 AM Jun 12th from TinyTwitter

Today's exam finally completed. It didn't went as expected, though it was easy. And I was feeling sleepy in the lab due to AC.
5:43 PM Jun 11th from TinyTwitter

There's no electricity in college,so sir told us 2 remain in college till 5:30.If power is available meanwhile,our practical exam will start
11:34 AM Jun 11th from TinyTwitter

The sky is cloudy and the peacock is dancing in the garden. I love it.
8:21 AM Jun 11th from TinyTwitter

At Abdul's room. Study going at snail's pace and I am feeling sleepy.
1:10 AM Jun 11th from TinyTwitter

At hospital,4 pappa's physiotherapy. Haven't started studying 4 tomorrow's practical exam. Will be going 2 Abdul's room after dinner.
6:34 PM Jun 10th from TinyTwitter

Stomach is upset after last nights dinner..... Woke up at 12:00 pm...... Had a good sleep after many days..... slept almost for 12 hours...
1:49 PM Jun 10th from web

Having dinner at HotelDarshan on highway with Karan,Urvish,Hiren,Jai,Apurva.Day after tomorrow is practical exam of artificial intelligence
10:15 PM Jun 9th from TinyTwitter

Just learned how to wear a collar tie from Abdul,right here in college.
4:14 PM Jun 9th from TinyTwitter

Finally long nights of hardwork paid off. Thank God.
3:30 PM Jun 9th from TinyTwitter

Hurray! Finally project completed and submitted. And the best part is, the jury had very little doubts in our project.
3:29 PM Jun 9th from TinyTwitter

Just completed the presentation of project. Now demo after 1 hour.
1:05 PM Jun 9th from TinyTwitter

Tomorrow it's our final year project demo. We are preparing hard for it.
11:47 PM Jun 8th from web

Today's ITA practical exam didn't go well.Out of 2 programs given,I couldn't make any of them run successfully.
6:48 PM Jun 8th from TinyTwitter

At Abdul's room.Going outside 2 have some food.Still not started to read much 4 tomorrow's ITA practical exam.
8:43 PM Jun 7th from TinyTwitter

Finally report given for binding.Now time to study 4 tomorrow's ITA practical exams. Too much to study. And I'm feeling sleepy.....
11:53 AM Jun 7th from web

Now going to sleep. I'll have get up at 7:30 am. Also Mummy-Pappa and uncle are going to Kheda in the morning.
3:37 AM Jun 7th from TinyTwitter

Finally reached home and now arranging the pages so that we can give it for binding tomorrow morning.
2:30 AM Jun 7th from TinyTwitter

Waiting for the food. We all are too hungry.
1:42 AM Jun 7th from TinyTwitter

The breeze on the Sardar Bridge was too cool.Enjoyed the experience while driving on it.I,Abdul,Karan & the shop's owner Tusharbhai are here
1:42 AM Jun 7th from TinyTwitter

It's late in night.Finally completed the printout of report.Too hungry.Came 2 a highway Dhaaba on the Ankleshwar side crossing the bridge.
1:39 AM Jun 7th from TinyTwitter

Still here at the printout shop. It would take 45 min more and I am now too hungry. We'll have 2 go 2 highway 2 fill our stomachs.
12:19 AM Jun 7th from TinyTwitter

Sitting in the shop in Tulsidham for printout. Still in the shop for printout. Would take still 2 hours to finish. And I am feeling hungry.
10:05 PM Jun 6th from TinyTwitter

Going to sleep. Still some corrections in report are pending. Hope to wake up by 6am.
1:36 AM Jun 6th from TinyTwitter

Whole day we spent in testing the project and making the report. Still there are changes 2 be implemented in report & again get it verified.
8:21 PM Jun 5th from TinyTwitter

Reached home. Now I want to sleep peacefully. Hopefully for 3 hours.
5:55 AM Jun 5th from TinyTwitter

Slept at 4:30am. Now it 5:30am. I think I should go home and sleep there peacefully.
5:34 AM Jun 5th from TinyTwitter

Rahul is re-installing Visual Studio 2005 in Abdul's laptop as his project isn't working properly in his laptop.
2:38 AM Jun 5th from TinyTwitter

Still completing the small changes of project. The moon is seen from the small window of Abdul's room.
2:37 AM Jun 5th from TinyTwitter

Getting the project report printed is a costly task too. We have 2 print our individual copies 4 us and 1 for college.
9:19 PM Jun 4th from TinyTwitter

Too busy with project work and its report. And tomorrow we have 2 approve our project report with our guide and then get it printed.
9:13 PM Jun 4th from TinyTwitter

Just came from a visit to opthalmologist for Pappa's regular eye check-up. Now I'll have to go to Abdul's room 4 completing project report.
7:38 PM Jun 4th from TinyTwitter

Dead tired. Going to sleep. I hope I can wake up at 4 tomorrow morning so that I can study.
11:45 PM Jun 3rd from TinyTwitter

Finally completed the project. Still 2 minor changes are left, which I'll do tomorrow.
11:04 PM Jun 3rd from TinyTwitter

Feeling too hungry.... Project is still going on..... Any how we've to complete it today.
9:35 PM Jun 3rd from web

Still doing project. Almost completed. From tomorrow, report making and studying ITA. Too difficult to manage these last days of B.E.
7:55 PM Jun 3rd from web

Practical exams start from 8th.ITA is the 1st followed by Project. Still whole proj report is pending. And lots 2 study 4 theory.
9:52 PM Jun 2nd from web

Dead tired after making project the whole day with Karan & Abdul. Also Too hungry. Have to show proj on 9th.
9:50 PM Jun 2nd from web

Came from Abdul's room just a few minutes back. Now going to sleep.
12:20 AM Jun 2nd from web

At Abdul's room. Doing project.
7:36 PM Jun 1st from web

Writing this from Digsby.
11:13 AM Jun 1st from web

I am having headache. Going to sleep.
12:11 AM Jun 1st from web

Jivanma sacha manas pasand karyani lagni purnata no ehsas karave 6,jyare khota paatra ne pasand karyani lagni PATI gaya ni anubhuti karave 6
12:18 PM May 30th from TinyTwitter

Remix of Newton's Law - Every book remain in state of rest or covered by dust, untill and unless an external force of exam act upon us.
12:08 PM May 30th from TinyTwitter

The sky's Cloudy here in Bharuch. It'll be raining by the time our exams start. And I love monsoon.
10:00 AM May 30th from TinyTwitter

Finally we got the timetable for theory exams.
8:52 PM May 29th from TinyTwitter

Messages in my inbox of Nokia6300 - 2009 msgs. Today it crossed the 2000 mark.
8:09 PM May 29th from TinyTwitter

Too hungry. Waiting to pounce upon lunch.
12:05 PM May 29th from web

It seems my syllabus is growing day by day, as if each day a few more pages are added to my books.
12:32 AM May 29th from TinyTwitter

At hospital for Pappaa's physiotherapy.
6:44 PM May 28th from web

Sitting in GNFC's Training Centre. Came here to give Pappa's tiffin. Reading the magazine "Jankalyaan".
12:08 PM May 28th from TinyTwitter

Eating kaju-draaksh ice-cream while studying. Eating more, Studying less.
11:56 PM May 27th from TinyTwitter

Found many celebrities using Twitter. Great!
11:11 PM May 27th from web

Still we haven't received the timetable for our exams - practical as well as theory!
5:56 PM May 27th from TinyTwitter

Why I feel more sleepy when it's time to study hard?
12:03 PM May 27th from TinyTwitter

A msg-Be minit nu moun ena maan ma,k je prasango rahya baki ujvaya vina.Ame hata varsho sudhi abherai par,ne gaya pasti ma vanchaya vina
6:57 PM May 26th from TinyTwitter

Writing this from the TinyTwitter app which I just downloaded on my phone.
6:51 PM May 26th from TinyTwitter

A fwd msg-Dharti Ne Bhinjavta Pehli Vaar Aaj Varshad Adhura Lagya, Manjil Pamvaana Pehli Vaar Aaj Sapna Adhura Lagya.
5:44 PM May 26th from mobile web

In college to take marksheet of 7th sem.
2:34 PM May 26th from mobile web

Syllabus of all subjects is like an ocean and I have completed just the size of a small tub.
8:31 PM May 25th from mobile web

Rat ko kitab meri muje dekhti rahi,Nind muje apni or gasitti rahi,Nindka jhoka mera man moh gaya,Or 1rat phir ye engineer bina padhe so gaya
12:30 PM May 25th from mobile web

It helps to make God your best friend. It has helped me a lot. Thank you my best friend.
7:25 PM May 24th from mobile web

Mobile phone updates for twitter not working at present, atleast for me.
10:00 PM May 23rd from web

Lots and lots to study and toooo less time to complete the syllabus.... Jaane Kya hoga Raamaa Ree???...
9:19 AM May 23rd from web

It's too hot here in Bharuch. And on top of it, mosquitoes are biting me, while I am trying to concentrate on studies.
11:09 PM May 22nd from web

Ishwar ne pan tathastu kaheta dar lage 6; Ishwar ne pan tathastu kaheta dar lage 6; karan ke Ajno manvi phool dhari ne bagicho mage 6
4:52 PM May 22nd from web

Raste jata pathhar jigar ne, Saheje hasavi janu 6u, Thodu radavi,thodu khijavi, Ante manavi janu 6u.
1:26 PM May 22nd from web

Need to study hard.....
12:01 PM May 20th from web

Missing my college days.
5:07 PM May 18th from web

Going to sleep after sometime. Didn't study much today, except the 1st chap and 1 topic of 2nd chap of Mobile Computing.
11:53 PM May 17th from web

Exams are coming... Time to study.... :(
9:28 PM May 16th from web

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