Saturday, July 31, 2010

Going to Ahmedabad to submit forms of PGCET exam on 8th August 2010. Exam is for admission to ME/MTech in Gujarat colleges. Luckily Gujarat Queen is less crowded.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Reached Bharuch.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Watched Khataa-Meetha. Enjoyed. Now Returning to Bharuch in Vadodara Express.
Going to watch Khatta-Meetha at Roxy Theatre, Charni Road, Opera House.
Having ice-cream at Baskin Robbins, Tardeo.
Reached Mumbai.
In plane. Seat number 4A.
Just had a security check. Now waiting for our bus to arrive and take us to the plane.
Great. We all got a window seat. Benefit of coming early. :-)
Reached Dabolim Airport.
Going to Airport in Innova. Bye Bye Goa.
Morning walk on Kalangute beach. Lalit, Jignesh and Jatin Sir are tattooing their hands.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Had enjoyed on different beaches in the afternoon and evening. And then we realized that we will have to ask Railway Officials about our returning train (Mandowi Express, from here to Dadar and then from Mumbai Central to Bharuch in Vadodara Express). But they said that Mandowi Express has been cancelled. So we decided for bus but to our bad luck, all buses were either booked or not feasible for a long journey. So finally decided for a flight. Rs. 3600 per person from Goa to Mumbai. And then in Vadodara Express from Mumbai Central to Bharuch.Right now we all are eating Maggie Noodles in Nescafe as we had to skip our dinner.
Had nice breakfast. And now enjoying at the beach.
Its raining too heavily here. Haven't seen such rains in Gujarat.
Reached Kalangute.
Finally after little pestering to the driver of a taxi, we are off to Kalangute beach (26 kms from here). The driver charged Rs. 600.
Dimple left. And now we are searching for taxis. But to our bad luck, no taxis are available till 6am. This station doesn't have a food stall or tea stall open at this hour. (That way, Bharuch station is far better).  And now it's raining heavily. I think we will have to pass time here till 6am.
Reached Karmali. We will wait here till Dimple's relatives come here as its not possible for her to go to Mangalore at this time.
Finally the railways managed to get a train for us. And it arrived. So now we'll go to Karmali Station which is just a few kilometres from Goa.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Still at Vilvade Station and no signs of train towards Goa. :-(
All are too hungry. Ate a few Gulaabi's which our co-passenger turned friend Dimple Pinto was carrying. She sat from Ahmedabad and is going to Mangalore. Jignesh again managed to get some Bhajiyaas. Jatin sir and Ajaybhai went outside the station to see if some taxi is available. But there are no signs of any vehicles passing by. The highway is about 10 kms away. Its an isolated station with no facilities at all.
The devotees of Baba Swami are singing Dhuns and Bhajans. There are more than 500 devotees. They all accompanied us right from Gujarat. They all are going to Goa for Gurupurnima celebrations tomorrow.
We'll are too hungry. Didn't had lunch. And this stupid small station doesn't have a food stall too. Anyhow, Jignesh managed to get two Tiger biscuit packets. मजबूरी का नाम महात्मा गांधी.
A train arrived with just 2 bogie's on the opposite track going back to Ratnagiri. I've never seen such a small train.
Announcement was made that the train will arrive after sometime. And I've never seen such a small railway station. There's just one platform. And that too, too small.
Reached Vilvade Station.
Still we haven't reached the station. The bus driver forgot the way and took us 20 kms ahead. So now, returning back.
Although we are quite late, the travel is full of excitement. Road is zig-zag, mountainous, greenery all around and its raining heavily.
Got a bus (arranged by the Railways) to the next station (after the landslide). Will have to take a train from that station to Madgaon. Bus is jam-packed. Travelling cattle class.
Huh!!!! Finally reached Ratnagiri. And now its again a daunting task to reach Goa.
Having a great experience. The train is going through tunnels, mountains and water streams falling from these mountains just near the track. Enjoying immensely. But unfortunately, we are still far away from Goa. If all this hadn't happened, we would have reached Goa by 11:00am.
Still at Chiplun Station. Now boarding another train which is scheduled to leave Chiplun earlier than our train. It'll go only to Ratnagiri. From there, we'll have to think how to reach Madgaon.
At Chiplun station since 4am. There's a landslide near Ratnagiri. It's been raining heavily here in Chiplun. And still it'll be here for another 1 or 2 hours.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Having Dinner in train is a tedious process. Had Egg curry and Chicken curry. And still we all are hungry. Will be reaching Vasai Road.
Crossed Vapi. Great atmosphere. Dark, cloudy, green and rainy. Just love watching outside the window.
At Ankleshwar Station. Going to Goa with Jatin Sir, Lalit Pandya, Jignesh Parmar and his cousin in Nagercoil Express. Lalit, Jignesh and his cousin will board train from Surat.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

It's raining Cats and Dogs in Bharuch. :-)

Friday, July 16, 2010

The Government of India employs donkeys as speed breakers on roads.
As every dog has its day, every city has its rains........

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Checking out the new Fedora 13.
Going to Ahmedabad for Canara Bank PO's exam. Atmosphere is rainy.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

તમારી ખામોશી પણ ઘણું કહી જાય છે

આ શાયરી મેં થોડા વખત પેહલાં લખેલી. 

તમારી આંખો પણ ઘણું કહી જાય છે,
તમારું સ્મિત પણ ઘણું કહી જાય છે,
ખોટું બોલીને મને મુર્ખ નાં બનાવશો કારણ કે,
તમારી ખામોશી પણ ઘણું કહી જાય છે.

- યશપાલસિંહ જાડેજા

મારા વહાલા બાળકોને - ૬ અને ૭

મારા વહાલા બાળકો, હેપી બર્થ ડે. ભગવાન તમને ખુશ રાખે અને તમારી ઈચ્છાઓ પૂરી કરે એવા આશીર્વાદ. મારી આળસને કારણે ગયા વર્ષે તમારા જન્મદિવસ પર આ લ...