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Great Coincidence

This was my last Tiffin at Plot No. 1059, Sector 2D, Gandhinagar. Had it with Mahesh Gajera. Then I (actually We - Me and Kiran) shifted to L N Desai's house at Plot No. 1672/1, Sector 2D. Coincidentally, today I am again at Mahesh's place.  Thanks to Facebook for reliving those memories.

12 types of rain


કાચીંડાની આત્મહત્યા

ઝાડ પર એક કાચીંડાની  આત્મહત્યા ચિઠ્ઠીમાં લખેલું:   "હવે હરીફાઈ નહી કરી શકુ,  માણસો સાથે રંગ બદલવામાં" Via Whatsapp.