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Using Samsung GT-C322

After I lost my phone last week, I am now using Samsung GT-C322. It's also a dual sim phone. It was with uncle till now. It's a full QWERTY keypad phone. This is for the first time I am using a full QWERTY keypad phone.

Lost my phone

While in college yesterday, I lost my Samsung Dual sim phone. I and Vimal were sitting in the garden opposite our college building. We were chit-chatting and I had kept my phone on my bag which was lying besides me. When we got up to attend lab, I forgot my mobile and directly took my bag and went inside college. And while chatting with Dvijesh Bhatt (M.Tech - IT) inside the college, I realized that I forgot my mobile. I rushed to the garden and told Dvijesh to call my number. But my phone was switched of, so it was but obvious that it was stolen. Then I tried to make call, but in vain. Had to call uncle and immediately block both of my sim cards, one Airtel and another Vodafone. However, now both of the numbers are again alive as I purchased new sim's. But don't have a phone right now. :-(
"Accident hurts. Safety doesn't." Nice message displayed on N.H.8.


આજે અમદાવાદ થી આવ્યા પછી સાંજે હું, વિમલ, અમિત અને સૌરભ ગાંધી (પ્રથમ વર્ષ બી.ટેક) ચાલતા ચાલતા અમારી હોસ્ટેલ થી થોડે દૂર આવેલ ગામ (છોગનપુર) ગયા'તા. આજે મહાશિવરાત્રી છે તો અમે શંકરદાદા  ના મંદિરે ગયા'તા. ખૂબ જ સુંદર બાંધકામ વાળું મંદિર છે ત્યાં.
Everytime I sit in Ahmedabad's autorikshaw, I remember the song, "Hu amdavad no riksha walo, 999 number walo, amdavad batavu chalo... Evi riksha haanku herat pame upar walo, amdavad batavu chalo."
Going to Ahmedabad to purchase books for this new sem.