Monday, June 22, 2009

Students boycott exam

Today's exam for 3rd year which was at 10:30 am has been boycotted by
the students. No students were present in their classes. All stood
outside the college. 1st years exam, for those students who are still
affiliated to VNSGU, is at 2:30 pm. They too are going to boycott the
exams. And tomorrow 2nd year and final year people too, will join by
not giving the exams.

મારા વહાલા બાળકોને - ૬ અને ૭

મારા વહાલા બાળકો, હેપી બર્થ ડે. ભગવાન તમને ખુશ રાખે અને તમારી ઈચ્છાઓ પૂરી કરે એવા આશીર્વાદ. મારી આળસને કારણે ગયા વર્ષે તમારા જન્મદિવસ પર આ લ...