Monday, June 22, 2009

Browsers I use.

I love Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. Though Chrome is a new
entrant in the browser world, I like its simplicity and speed. Also it
was the first one to include the Incognito Mode. And as such, I am a
big fan of Google products, be it Gmail, Orkut, Blogger, Reader,
Picasa or GTalk. I am hoping that in near future I'll be using an OS
from Google.

Regarding Firefox, I like its stability, security and the various
add-ons and themes through which I can customize it the way I want my
browser. Also its the most secure browser according to many surveys.

I have used Opera too and as such, I have no complains about it, but
still it comes after Firefox and Chrome. But I love Opera's browser for mobile phones i.e., Opera Mini, which I currenty use a lot for surfing from my mobile.

I haven't used Apple's Safari and no eagerness to use it too, at present.

And finally, Microsoft's Internet Explorer comes at last. Though I use
it and most websites are created using IE in mind, I am not much a fan
of this browser. Sorry Bill Gates.

જ્યારે રીવાંશીએ મને નેઈલ પોલિશ કરી દીધી

હું નીચે સૂઈને આરામ કરતો હતો ત્યારે મારું ધ્યાન નો'તું અને રીવાંશીએ મારા પગ ના અંગુઠા પર નેઈલ પોલિશ કરી દીધી.  અને પછી જોરથી હસતા બોલી: ...