Monday, June 22, 2009

Browsers I use.

I love Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. Though Chrome is a new
entrant in the browser world, I like its simplicity and speed. Also it
was the first one to include the Incognito Mode. And as such, I am a
big fan of Google products, be it Gmail, Orkut, Blogger, Reader,
Picasa or GTalk. I am hoping that in near future I'll be using an OS
from Google.

Regarding Firefox, I like its stability, security and the various
add-ons and themes through which I can customize it the way I want my
browser. Also its the most secure browser according to many surveys.

I have used Opera too and as such, I have no complains about it, but
still it comes after Firefox and Chrome. But I love Opera's browser for mobile phones i.e., Opera Mini, which I currenty use a lot for surfing from my mobile.

I haven't used Apple's Safari and no eagerness to use it too, at present.

And finally, Microsoft's Internet Explorer comes at last. Though I use
it and most websites are created using IE in mind, I am not much a fan
of this browser. Sorry Bill Gates.

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