Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Whatever happens, happens 4 good.

A little while ago I was in GNFC Hospital for Pappa's physiotherapy.
One of my father's friend came to meet him. Then the uncle told about
a boy he met today. The boy was feeling depressed as 2 cysts were
found on his kidneys during his medical check-up, which he had to
undergo prior to join his job. Uncle told him to be positive as he was
lucky that at least the thing was brought early to his notice. Though
he failed in the medical check-up, he was lucky that now he would get
treatment in a timely manner. So uncle told him to be positive and
take life easy. Troubles are always there in life. It depends on us
that how we tackle them. Even though the boy lost his job, he has
gained his life. That's positivity. Jo hotaa he, achhe k liye hotaa

મારા વહાલા બાળકોને - ૬ અને ૭

મારા વહાલા બાળકો, હેપી બર્થ ડે. ભગવાન તમને ખુશ રાખે અને તમારી ઈચ્છાઓ પૂરી કરે એવા આશીર્વાદ. મારી આળસને કારણે ગયા વર્ષે તમારા જન્મદિવસ પર આ લ...