Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Khichdi Jalaa Di

Yesterday in the evening, Mummy told me to stop the electric "sagdi"
after 1 whistle. She had put khichdi in the cooker. I was watching TV
and I said her not to worry and then she went outside. I was confident
that I won't forget to switch off the sagdi. But then my Jagrut came
to meet me and we started chatting. And lo! I forgot to switch off the
sagdi. And when I realised it, I don't know how many whistles might
have blown. Then I called Mummy and said what happened. When the
cooker was opened, it was a mess.

જ્યારે રીવાંશીએ મને નેઈલ પોલિશ કરી દીધી

હું નીચે સૂઈને આરામ કરતો હતો ત્યારે મારું ધ્યાન નો'તું અને રીવાંશીએ મારા પગ ના અંગુઠા પર નેઈલ પોલિશ કરી દીધી.  અને પછી જોરથી હસતા બોલી: ...