Friday, October 8, 2010

1 week in M.Tech

Today I completed 1 week here in M.Tech. Last Friday I left Bharuch and came here. Reached here around 10 and then had to pay the hostel fees, unload my stuff and pay remaining fees and fill different forms at the college. I, alongwith Pappa, Mummy and Uncle came here in our car. Then finally, after all other official formalities got completed, I attended last two lectures in my class. And then finally went to hostel, walking about 2 kms or even more. My roommates are 2 good guys, Amit and Nishit, both in M.Tech. (CAD/CAM). They completed their B.E in Mech. Engg. from C.U. Shah College of Engineering, Wadhwan. Hostel food is as usual bad, which my friends used to complain in B.E. Also now I've to get up early as tea and breakfast is between 7-8. And I've to eat lunch before going to college, which starts at 10:00am. So having lunch at 9:30 is just too awkward for me, for a person, who generally used to get up at 9:00 am. And then walk 2-2.5 kms to reach college. I've to cross one large piece of barren land, a school compound and a large cricket ground to reach college campus. Classmates are good, but many of them are either married or on the verge of marrying. Most of them are experienced, except a few who passed out in 2009 or 2010. In all we are 18 students, out of which there are 6 or 7 girls (I don't know the perfect number) and rest are boys. Most of the faculty are good and keep us on our toes. On last Friday, which was my first day here in college, the faculty of ATN (Advance Topics in Networks) took a surprise test in the last 15 minutes. However as it was my first day, he asked me to write whatever I could write. And then in the next lecture, which was the last lecture of that day, we got the grades. I got C+ grade. I consider fair enough, as some of the students who attended college right from the first day got C grade. Today there was another surprise test in Computer Graphics. Today it was my first lecture of the concerned faculty in CG. I had attended other lectures of the another CG faculty during the week, but none of this Sir. So I said sir about my new admission, to which he replied that I need to mark answers of whatever I knew. (It was a MCQ type exam with 15 questions, and -ve marking for each wrong answer or UNATTEMPTED answer). Now this thing was completely new for all of us. So even if someone didn't answered any question, even then he/she will score -7.5 marks. :-) Anyways, in the next lecture we got our grades and I got a C. Again I consider it to be fair enough, as I could see 2-3 other C's too in the list.

Also from today, Navratri starts. This is for the first time that I am away from home, studying during Navratri. :-( My hostel (Uma hostel) has arranged for Navratri celebrations here, but nothing is compared to the Navratri I did for years in GNFC Township. Thanks to this hostel for giving wifi connectivity to students (although its quite unreliable), that I've access to internet. That's it till now.

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