Saturday, January 2, 2010

Need to modify my resolutions

I am breaking my resolution # 1 even before 24 hours after I made it. I can't figure out whether the resolution was unrealistic, extreme and just impossible to follow in this age of ubiquitous connectivity or I am suffering from some kind of addiction to get connected to internet every few hours. In the morning, out of enthusiasm, to follow my newly made resolutions, I ended my online session in 30 minutes. But now I am breaking it as I was simply getting bored, or to be honest, I was craving to get online.

So am modifying it and now my resolution # 1 is that "I should not extend the limit of 30 minutes, irrespective of the number of sittings per day." The main idea behind this resolution was to cut the time I spend online. And ya, I have succeeded in doing that thing. :)

And as a result of this modification, my resolution # 2 is too modified. :)

And finally, I must admit, it's easy to make good resolutions, but it is equally difficult to follow them. :)

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