Tuesday, July 14, 2009

One of my favorite poem - "Karma" by Geetanjali Badruddin

God is not unjust, nor He unkind.
It is the Karma that follows,
Soft footed behind.
And whether it is right or wrong,
He does not wait for the time.
No prayers will help,
No love shall hold,
The past deeds overtake us.
Hence do all good and be kind-lovable.
- Geetanjali Badruddin
I like this poem very much. It says that God is not unjust or unkind.
It's our past deeds that follow us behind everything that happens in
our life. So we have to accept whatever comes in our life, be it good
or bad. No prayers are going to help us and save us from our past
deeds. Prayers may give us strength to fight or bear the consequences,
but we can't deny our destiny. So the best thing to do is to do good,
be kind and lovable in this life so that in our next birth we may have
less troubles. This above mentioned philosophy is same as what Saibaba
used to say to his followers.

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