Wednesday, July 15, 2009

How I saved a "makodo"

A big ant - makodo, in Gujarati, somehow found his way in the deep
freeze of my refrigerator. As soon as I opened the door of deep
freeze, I saw it, roaming here and there. May be he was looking for
some warm place. I threw it outside the deep freeze. He should thank
me, but he didn't. No courtesy at all in these creatures. :) hahaha.

Thinking what if I didn't opened the door and let it die there. What
would I get? As frozen cream is called ice-cream, frozen
makodaa(plural of makodo) is called Ice-makodo. Hahaha

જ્યારે રીવાંશીએ મને નેઈલ પોલિશ કરી દીધી

હું નીચે સૂઈને આરામ કરતો હતો ત્યારે મારું ધ્યાન નો'તું અને રીવાંશીએ મારા પગ ના અંગુઠા પર નેઈલ પોલિશ કરી દીધી.  અને પછી જોરથી હસતા બોલી: ...